Infinity SAV USA was nominated for the Katerva Award for sustainable innovations in renewable Energy.

The Problem:

Production of CO2 from electricity and transportation is causing Climate Change and Electricity is too expensive.

The Solution:

Build an electric generator powered solely by permanent magnets.

Eliminate CO2 from electric energy production and transportation.

Cut the cost of electricity by 50+% and create wealth, including for the poorest among us.

Is that even possible?

Yes and we have a working prototype based on our patented technology!


Infinity SAV USA

History of Infinity SAV Invention

Imagine a solution to the problem of Climate Change and increasing CO2 pollution, that will bring cheap power, clean air, pollution-free transportation, and desalination to everyone.

A Little history: We have been developing this technology for four years and have invested $750,000. We have had several working models prior to the current prototype. The current model produces 2kW continuously after being started.

The Goal: The goal of creating a magnetic generator is to eliminate all man-made CO2 pollution from electric energy production and transportation. Replace petroleum with electric energy for cars, buses, trucks, trains, ships and, maybe even planes. As an added benefit, this new technology will cut the cost of lighting, heating, cooling and transportation by 50+%.

​The problem is not physics - the problem is engineering.

The solution is to use modern engineering and simulations with massive amounts of rented of computer power.

Magnets: Magnets are caused by the Quantum Mechanical Spin of unpaired electrons. Electrons "spin" forever. Yes, we know "spin" is just shorthand for saying magnets maintain their magnetic dipole moment.

Patent: Infinity's generator technology now is covered by our US Patent.

The Law of Conservation of Energy does apply.

We believe the invention is transferring energy from the Quantum mechanical spin of electrons to physical motion and then to electricity.

Quantum energy transfer:

When the sun warms the earth or strikes a solar cell, it transfers energy from the Quantum field to the physical field. When a magnet attracts or repeals an object, it also is transferring energy from the Quantum field to the physical field.

How does the generator work?

The electric motor is used to run the magnetic generator up to 1500 RPM. (A car battery could be used.)

The generator has permanent magnets in the stator and coils of copper wire in the rotor. When a magnet approaches a coil of copper wire, it induces a like polarity in the coil, this is called Lorentz force.

Like polarities repel each other (North repels North) and this causes the generator rotor to spin and to produce electricity.

After the motor is disconnected from the floor power, the magnetic generator produces all the power. The DC power from the generator is fed into an inverter, which converts it to AC

Half of the AC power is then used by the electric motor to maintain the rotational speed of the magnetic generator and half is used for external purposes.  In the video, those external purposes were lights, a fan, and a space heater.

What we know one thing for sure, our generator produces excess energy. That is our starting point.

The Engineering Plan: Infinity SAV has invented an electric generator powered solely by permanent magnets. We will use the following technologies to solve the remaining engineering challenges and optimize the generator for production.

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to create the design and operation simulations;
  • Infinite Computing (rented processors) to run simulations on designs and variables;
  • Machine Intelligence (AI) to add possible solutions to the engineering problems;
  • 3D printing to prototype the best designs; and,
  • Rapid Iterations to produce and bench test the best designs.

IMAGINE: A heat pump sized generator that will power a house for just $0.02 per kWh with zero pollution, zero heat, and zero CO2.

Proposed Generator Size

Working Prototype

Infinity SAV USA

There is no Grand Unified Theory of Everything. There is no way to reconcile Quantum Mechanics and Classical Physics.

Permanent magnets are caused by the Quantum Mechanical spin of unpaired electrons.

Magnets last for hundreds of years.

It will be up to Physicists to explain why our generator works, but it does.

Working Prototype - Proof of Concept Video - 3 Minutes

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Infinity SAV USA

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